Trades Online Management System


This is the main page for the Demonstration system

Use the menu at the left to enter a new job all you have to do is

  • Select a suburb using the drop down
  • Find the Property's address
  • Type in a description of the job
  • Select the trade needed
  • Indicate how quickly the work needs to be done

    Then choose to offer the job to all, some, or selected tradespeople

    Normally a message would go out to them as an SMS text message or email but in this demo version you will get an SMS message on your phone and an email

    After you have entered a job you can check its status on the Work in progress page

    The system also prints reports on Jobs Done and work by individual contractors and provides file exchange for accounting systems. Contractors, properties, and job types can also be added - but these features are not included in the demonstration system
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