Resource Management


This is part of a family of conservation programs designed to save the earth's natural resources. By conserving resources you can, not only do your part to preserve the earth, but also reduce spending on utility bills rather than other vital resources

Water conservation
Using water wisely benefits us all
In our semi-arid region, we cannot take water for granted; however, all of us can do our part to help ensure enough water for now and the future by following some simple

For the community
Improves the health of rivers, streams and groundwater.
Extends the water supply for future generations.
Reduces the risk of water shortages and the need for mandatory water use restrictions.
Protects landscapes against drought conditions.
Helps maintain the habitat along rivers and streams and restores fisheries.
Reduces excessive urban runoff

. Energy Conservation
The power stations that supply us with our electricity burn fossil fuels, they pump out gases into the atmosphere, which causes the earth to heat up like a 'greenhouse'. This process is often referred to as global warming and is having a worrying impact on our In Australia more than 50% of all carbon dioxide emissions come from the energy we use to heat and light our work, streets and public areas, That is why identifying the guilty energy wasters in around you can have a direct effect on our environment.